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Your Guide to Landing Remote Amazon Virtual Assistant Jobs in 2023

Amazon’s market dominance and complexity make skilled virtual assistants invaluable. More sellers and vendors are outsourcing the management of their Amazon presence to remote VAs. This trend has created abundant opportunities for those pursuing Amazon virtual assistant jobs.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with everything needed to land the best remote Amazon VA jobs in 2023. You’ll learn to develop the most in-demand skills, find open positions, create a standout application, ace interviews, and thrive once hired. Let’s get started!

Why Become a Remote Amazon VA?

Before diving into how to land a remote VA job, let’s look at why this career path is attractive:

Be Your Boss

As a freelance or contract VA, you get the freedom to choose your clients and set your schedule. The autonomy of remote work appeals to many, especially parents balancing family obligations.

Gain Valuable Skills

You’ll develop in-demand skills in ecommerce, digital marketing, client relations, and more as an Amazon VA. This experience can springboard other entrepreneurial ventures.

Earn Significant Income

Experienced remote Amazon VAs can make $25-$50 per hour, with some earning over $100K annually. The income potential surpasses many traditional office jobs.

Flexible Lifestyle

Working from home allows you to travel and live anywhere with an internet connection. No long commutes are required!

If you’re excited by these advantages, learn how to land a fulfilling remote career as an Amazon VA.

Essential Skills Needed to Succeed as a Remote Amazon VA

While no experience is required to get started, developing expertise in the following areas will make you a highly employable VA:

Deep Understanding of Amazon Platforms

You should know Seller Central, Vendor Central, and associated Amazon tools intimately. These UIs are your virtual office, so complete familiarity is a must.

Listings Optimization

From titles to back-end keywords, you must master optimizing listings for maximum visibility and conversion.

PPC Campaign Management

Many clients will depend on you to manage their Sponsored Ads campaigns and budgets profitably. Stay on top of Amazon PPC best practices.

Product Launch Strategies

You should be able to identify trends, do market research, and advise clients on launching new products successfully.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Tracking inventory levels, managing shipments, and ensuring prompt fulfillment fall under your responsibilities.

Data Analysis

Your role will be crunching numbers on sales, costs, ROI, ACoS, reviews, and other metrics.

Communication and Client Relations

Clear written and verbal communication is vital. You are the face of your client’s brand. Provide fantastic customer service.

Mastering this diverse blend of technical and soft skills takes dedication. However, doing so maximizes your chances of securing the best remote Amazon VA jobs.

Top Sites to Find Remote Amazon VA Jobs

Once you have developed expertise as an Amazon VA, many avenues exist to connect with potential remote clients:

Online Job Boards

Sites like FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, Remote OK, and Virtual Vocations frequently post quality remote Amazon VA job openings. Create alerts for new listings.

Freelance Marketplaces

Popular freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and FreeeUp make it easy to sell your VA services globally. Be sure to optimize your profile.


Leverage LinkedIn to connect with Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies directly. Message those seeking assistance managing their Amazon presence.

Facebook Groups

Join relevant Facebook groups like Amazon Seller Central Community, eCommerce Entrepreneurs, and Online Selling Community to network and find job leads.

Amazon Services

You can list yourself on Amazon Services, where businesses search for skilled VAs. Highlight your expertise here.

Your Website

A personalized website with your brand, services, portfolio, and reviews establishes credibility. Optimize SEO to rank for terms like “Amazon VA services.”

Spreading your net across multiple platforms gives you the best chance of connecting with great remote clients.

How to Make Your Amazon VA Resume Stand Out

As competition grows, your resume must grab attention. Follow these tips:

  • Highlight relevant certifications at the top, like Amazon VA, ZonBiz, FreeeUp, or VA Institute courses completed.
  • Use critical keywords throughout your resume, including in your profile summary section.
  • Quantify achievements like the amount of PPC ad spend managed, revenue generated, or product launches handled.
  • Focus on results for clients, not just tasks. How did your efforts impact sales and growth?
  • List niche skills and expertise like multi-channel arbitrage, international expansion, brand registry management, etc.
  • Optimize formatting for immobility with section headers, bullets, and bold text.
  • Proofread extensively and have others review to avoid any errors.

Invest time perfecting your resume to get noticed and selected for the most appealing remote VA roles.

Preparing for a Remote Amazon VA Interview

Here are some tips to help you ace that upcoming VA interview:

  • Research the role and company so you understand their business goals. What challenges do they face with Amazon?
  • Review common Amazon VA interview questions and prepare talking points to showcase your abilities.
  • Brush up on the latest Amazon updates so you come across as an insider.
  • Prepare examples highlighting achievements like year-over-year sales lifts, 5-star review generation, etc.
  • Have intelligent questions ready that show your understanding of their needs.
  • Set up a professional environment with good lighting and minimal background noise.
  • Convey passion for Amazon and desire to help sellers/vendors succeed.

Thorough preparation will help you present yourself as their perfect remote VA partner.

Tips for Thriving in Your New Remote Amazon VA Role

Congratulations, you landed an exciting remote VA position! Here are some tips to excel:

  • Learn their business inside and out – Master the specifics of your client’s Amazon presence and needs.
  • Over-communicate to set clear expectations and give regular progress updates.
  • Build rapport and trust by under-promising and over-delivering.
  • Handle issues proactively – Don’t let problems linger before informing your client.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge by studying forums, newsletters, podcasts, etc. related to Amazon.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to boost efficiency using rules and software like Zapier.
  • Create SOPs (standard operating procedures) documenting key processes and strategies.
  • Partner on a big-picture strategy to drive growth, not just daily maintenance.

You can earn 5-star reviews, referrals, and anchor clients by providing incredible value and service to sustain a thriving remote VA business.


The demand for skilled remote Amazon VAs will continue growing exponentially. Position yourself for success by mastering the abilities clients value most. Leverage online platforms and optimized applications to connect with quality leads. Prep thoroughly for interviews and focus on delivering phenomenal service once hired.

The tips in this guide will equip you to land remote Amazon VA jobs that align with your career aspirations. From the flexibility to the lucrative earning potential, becoming a virtual Amazon specialist is an exciting path worth pursuing.

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