Cruising Freedom: Top Motorcycles for Touring the Open Roads of the USA

Top Motorcycles for Touring

Nothing encapsulates raw American freedom like touring the country’s endless highways aboard your motorcycle. Whether blazing the Pacific Coast route or winding through Appalachian peaks, the best touring bikes provide comfort for eating up mile after open mile.

This guide outlines the most versatile models for cruising across the United States based on factors like long-haul ergonomics, reliability, luggage capacity, and technology enhancing the ride experience. Read on to discover an inspiring mix of bagger cruisers, sophisticated sport-tourers, and modern adventure bikes to capture your American riding dreams.

Top Motorcycles for Touring

Key Factors for Evaluating Top Touring Motorcycles

While personal riding style drives motorcycle choices, several core criteria help shortlist models best suited for extended US road tripping:

Power and Acceleration

Long days in the saddle demand ample torque and passing power, whether riding solo or two-up with gear.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Look for adjustable windshields, plush seats, relaxed leg/back angles and vibration damping essential for marathon mileage days.

Technology and Ride Aids

Modern infotainment, charging ports, adaptive lighting, traction control and driving modes enhance trips.

Storage Capacity and Amenities

Saddlebags, trunks and chassis compartments should offer ample room for tools, camping supplies and trip necessities.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

Proven engine and chassis durability minimizes breakdown risks far off the beaten path.

Using this framework, let’s explore exceptionally versatile options across popular cruiser styles.

The Best American V-Twin Touring Cruisers

For riders who equate highway freedom with American V-twin soundtrack, muscular styling and easy-riding ergonomics, a heavyweight bagger cruiser makes touring pure joy.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide

The iconic Road Glide batwing fairing and frame-mounted Sharknose fairing define the model’s smooth, protected touring persona. Deep-chested V-twin power, plush suspension, tuned audio, and copious storage check every box for two-wheel voyaging.

Key Features:

  • Batwing fairing for reduced head buffeting
  • Booming Boom! Box audio with GPS and Bluetooth
  • Balance Keeper rear suspension for stability when loaded
  • 6-gallon fuel range plus saddlebags and trunk storage

Overall, the Road Glide presents modern refinement in the classic Harley touring formula. Read owner reviews on Harley’s website.

Indian Roadmaster

Representing Indian motorcycles’ luxury touring prowess, the Roadmaster serves up air-adjustable rear suspension, sonorous Thunderstroke V-twin power, an easy-stow windscreen, and ample weather protection for journeying in comfort.

Key Features:

  • Plush ride quality with air-adjustable rear shocks
  • Integrated audio system with weatherproof touchscreen dash
  • Remote locking trunk and saddlebags
  • Heated seats and grips plus adjustable airflow

From backroad wandering to interstate touring, the Indian Roadmaster stands ready for any adventure. Read reviews on India’s website.

Victory Cross Country

While Victory motorcycles shuttered operations, used models like the Cross Country retained avid followings for their brawny 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-twin engines, confidence-inspiring balance, and ample luggage room. A cushy-riding luxury bagger ready to eat highway miles

Key Features:

  • Extremely nimble handling for a 700+ pound tourer
  • Generous 41 liter lockable/removable side cases
  • Confidence inspiring balance great for new riders
  • Upright seating position comfortable across days

For searching out deals on pre-owned Victory motorcycles, check sites like Riders Share and Cycle Trader.

Beyond these highway queens lies additional cruiser options like Yamaha Star Ventures and Honda Valkyries continuing to win over tourers seeking cruising V-twin attitude sheathed in mileage hungry frames.

Modern Touring Bagger SUVs of the Motorcycle World

The bagger cruiser segment advanced dramatically in recent years with next generation comfort amenities paired to frame and engine architecture coddling riders across states.

Honda Goldwing

The technology flagship of the Honda lineup, the venerable Goldwing sets new standards by providing auto-transmission convenience, weight-saving aluminum frame construction, dual-clutch transmission, and airbag-enhanced pillion security.

Key Features:

  • 7-speed auto shifting for relaxed pace touring
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto on a vibrant touchscreen
  • Electronic suspension adjustment for road conditions
  • Low 750 pound wet weight for a touring luxury cruiser

The 2023 Goldwing Tour DCT Airbag options offers the latest evolution of this technology flagship touring icon. Read Goldwing reviews on Honda’s website.

BMW K1600 Platform

German obsessive engineering manifests throughout BMW Motorrad’s class-dominating K1600 platform, melding a silky inline 6-cylinder engine with robust chassis architecture and intelligent futuristic electronics. Flagship features include adaptive headlights, traction control, an ABS braking suite, and a complement of custom driving modes.

Key Features:

  • 160HP smooth-revving inline 6-cylinder engine
  • Electronic suspension adjustment (ESA) for road conditions
  • Multi color adjustable full LED adaptive headlamp
  • Class leading handling and acceleration

For riders craving robust amenities to match the performance prowess, the new BMW K1600 Grand America presents a future classic mile crunching machine.

Yamaha Star Venture

Matching full-dressed capabilities against key importing touring models, Yamaha’s Star Venture provides a value alternative to grip highways in comfort. Generous fixed fairings, stereo, luggage, and electric adjust windscreen combine with a torque-rich V-Twin and balanced chassis for country crossing stability.

Key Features:

  • Torque rich air cooled V-twin motivation
  • Central LCD multifunction display
  • IDX fully integrated audio and GPS
  • Yamaha warranty and reliability

Balancing price, performance and rider pampering, the Star Venture deserves shortlisting alongside luxury touring staples.

Sport Touring Models Blending Power and Comfort

Sport touring motorcycles bridge gap between all out performance and cruising motorcycles – blending responsive power and handling with creature comforts permitting multiday excursions.

Kawasaki Concours 14

A sportbike cloaked in full-dress touring appeal, the Concours 14 offers advanced tech like variable valve timing, ABS brakes, and traction control, sharpening its mile-crushing manners. Generous bodywork protection supplemented by panniers and a 28-liter locking trunk makes extended trips a joy.

Key Features:

  • 135+ HP fast yet flexible powerband
  • Advanced electronic rider aids
  • Upright seating for long range comfort
  • Optional panniers with integrated passenger backrest

Whether island-chasing twisty ribbons of pavement or continent-crossing its robust engine, the Concours 14 excels. Read the owner’s reviews on Kawasaki’s website.


Germany’s leading sport adventure bike offers a balanced fusion of blistering performance and practical accouterments tailored for sport touring duties. Prodigious power stems from a 4-cylinder engine, while comfort touches encompass an adjustable touring screen, heated grips, and an intuitive TFT display console.

Key Features:

  • 210HP race bred 4-cylinder engine
  • Electronic suspension adjustment on the fly
  • Adjustable touring windscreen
  • 5 customizable ride modes

The S1000XR melds track weaponry for carving corners with amenity pampering across days in the seat. Read BMW’s overview.

Yamaha FJR1300ES

A beloved sport touring stalwart blending commuter practicality with canyon mastering competence for tackling coastal routes or inland national park tours alike in comfort. Generous bodywork and storage integrate with adjustable suspension, traction control, and comfortable ergonomics.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 1298cc inline 4 cylinder engine
  • All day plush seating for rider/passenger
  • 33+ liter carrying capacity (saddlebags and case)
  • Sport riding stability with touring comfort

With reliability ratings off the charts, many FJR owners boast over 100k smiles of mailing bliss on this venerable sports touring platform.

From full dress Goldwings to feature packed BMWs to sportbike hybrid concoctions, modern motorcycles deliver robust long distance capabilities letting riders chase horizons limited only by imagination and endurance.

Cruising Beyond Stock – Top Accessories for Touring Enhancement

While stock models deliver ample touring potential, aftermarket upgrades improve ride quality, storage, electronics and aesthetics.

Popular touring enhancements include:


  • Removable side cases, sissy bars
  • Tank/tail bags, duffel bags
  • Helmet locks, cargo nets

Rider Comfort

  • Gel pads, stadium seats, backrests
  • Heated hand grips, gel pads
  • Air circulation mods, tinted windshields


  • LED accent lighting, fog lamps
  • Charging ports, aux cables
  • Integrated GPS and Bluetooth


  • Lower/extend reach handlebars
  • Progressive front springs
  • Air suspension kits


  • Custom paint, badging, powdercoating
  • Chrome finishing parts
  • Muffler upgrades, exhaust tips

With the right upgrades suiting your style and needs, used motorcycles and economical models gain touring prowess rivaling top tier luxury bikes.

Maintaining Reliability Out on the Open Road

Routine maintenance proves vital maximizing touring reliability. Best practices include:

  • Review filters, fluids, tires before extended trips inspecting for service needs
  • Carry tools/spares like fuses, bulbs, zip ties, tape, starter cables
  • Learn trailside repairs via YouTube to minimize outside help reliance
  • Log mileage intervals for valve checks, brake flushes, final drive services per manufacturer spec
  • Detail clean bikes between trips checking for loose parts/fasteners

Pair with amenities like engine guards, center stands and upgraded protection parts prolonging carefree reliability mile by glorious mile.

The Call of the Open Road Beckons

From winding Pacific Coast routes to the lonely Trans America byways, America’s highways boast boundless diversity and challenge. Optimize for your adventure style by selecting the right touring motorcycle sporting the performance, amenities and serviceability matching planned exploits.

Bookmark and share this guide’s top touring recommendations as inspiration for your dream machine ahead of escaping towards newfound freedoms just over the horizon.

Did we miss your favorite mile-crushing model? Share your touring tips and stories below!

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